Celebrate Women’s Little Christmas on January 6

January 6 marks the end of the 12 Days of Christmas. Commonly known as Feast of the Epiphany or Little Christmas, in Ireland the date is also known as Women’s Little Christmas.

On this day, the final of the Christmas season, women would get a much deserved rest after catering to family and friends during the holidays.

Speak Irish: Nollaig na mBan (null-ug na Mon) means Women’s Christmas

How to Celebrate Women’s Little Christmas

Traditionally it is considered bad luck to take down Christmas decorations before January 6 – so leave that task to the gentlemen and enjoy a well-earned respite with the ladies in your life!

In Ireland you’ll find Women’s Christmas Breakfasts, women filling restaurants and pubs, or even small gatherings over tea and cakes in private homes.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate Women’s Little Christmas wherever you are!

Happy Women's Christmas to You All!
Happy Women’s Christmas to You All!

Host a Women’s Christmas Tea (or Open House)

While you’re prepping everything for your Christmas celebrations make some extra and tuck them in the back of the freezer. Invite friends to visit January 6 for a bit of a ‘catch up’ over tea or bubbly, accompanied by the treats you saved back, lovely nibbles from a local shop, or fine Irish fare ordered online. If you can, have men or kids on hand to act as waitstaff.

Meet Friends at the Pub

Gather with the ladies at a local pub for a meal, drinks, and chin wag. A good Irish pub should know the tradition and be able to help you create a fun, lively experience. If your local isn’t Irish let them know what you are planning and ask how they can help, or if you can bring in some things to make your gathering festive.

Host an Extravagant Dinner

Coordinate with a favorite restaurant for a fabulous women’s only holiday meal! Coordinate a prix fixe multi-course menu with different options and invite all the ladies you know! Think big! Mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, friends, friends of friends… The more the merrier!

Take Time for Yourself

Had too much together time and really just want to enjoy a peaceful afternoon? Spoil yourself a little! Pick a few of your favorite things, then sit back and savor them in the way that make you happiest!

Whatever you do, whether big and extravagant or small and personal, don’t overlook Women’s Little Christmas, a wonderful Irish tradition that needs to catch on everywhere!

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